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KDEmod is a modular and tweaked package set of the K Desktop Environment that has been optimized for Arch Linux. Our KDE3 packages contain a lot of additional patches for eyecandy and functionality and a slightly enhanced Qt3 installation plus a completely customized default theme, while the KDE4 packages are almost vanilla, apart from some little fixes and the occasional small backport here and there. KDEmod is available in Arch's standard .pkg.tar.gz package format for the i686 (32Bit) and x86_64 (64Bit) architectures.

Started in june 2006, the KDEmod packaging project was brought to life because of the KISS nature of Arch Linux, which means that Arch's KDE is built from the standard unmodified KDE distribution, thus providing the whole KDE desktop without any modifications or additions.

This is generally not a bad thing (we just love KISS), but many users do not need a full-fledged KDE desktop installed with apps they maybe never use. Arch Linux is a small distribution and the developers are on more important missions to maintain and improve it, so KDEmod was born to provide a fully modular installation of KDE with nearly all the features and bling some bigger distributions provide with it - and partly even more bleeding-edge features.

Beside comprehensible splitting of the KDE modules, KDEmod provides the sophistication, stability and feature-richness of KDE but its also a work in progress, so please report any glitches you may encounter. All KDE modules (and even more stuff) are available as split packages in our repositories, and we will continue to provide a refined and optimized KDE desktop for Arch Linux.

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