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About the KDEmod packages

KDEmod is among the highest-rated entries on

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Some time ago we gave an interview to Roberto from the now deceased romanian Linux site You can find a PDF file with the interview here: gazetalinux_interview_kdemod_oct_2007.pdf

Random Quotes & Opinions

Here are some random quotes about KDEmod from the net and various mails we have received.

From here:
kdemod is the fastest and best kde ever available!

From here:
kdemod (arch) is the best i've used (names, some, other, distributions ...)..

From here:
Arch Linux with kdemod on one of those machines blows away Vista on a new computer in terms of pure responsiveness and usability.

From here:
kdemod is probably the best thing that could happen to kde.

From here:
KDEmod is the most beautiful KDE Desktop i have seen so far ...

From here:
... on a more positive note, has anyone tried kdemod? It's only for Arch (which sucks), but it's sexy and functional. Why is it that two guys can get together and make KDE sexy, usable, and modular ...

From Xenobrain:
A modular KDE is a wonderful thing, as KDEs large packages and resulting cluttered menus and wasted hard drive space have always turned me off of the environment. You modularization has made KDE more accessible to me, essentially allowing myself to be better introduced to it, now that bloat is not so much a concern. There are a lot of patches for KDE out there, but I had no way of knowing what could be safely added to the system with destabilizing it, and what would even compile. Your expertise is especially appreciated here. Needless to say I absolutely love the eye candy, which is in itself a major selling point of this package. With all the patching and tracking down dependencies, this is obviously a major project requiring a tremendous time commitment on your part, and I want to let you know how much it is appreciated, and loved!

From Shagbag:
Hey, I just wanted to say thanks very much for kdemod. I've been using it now for a week and I really like the slimmed-down + modular approach. Thanks for your efforts in getting it going, your work is appreciated.

From Faust:
Thanks for such a great project! having tried to use gnome once again, thanks to you I'm back on KDE ... What you are doing makes it so much more easy to use KDE. Being able to use only apps I need is just plain sweet, I have more control over my system as it should be. So I just wanted to give my view of this. Thanks and keep up the work!

From Kmaster:
A big thank you for all your hard work. You made my life an easier one by splitting the packages. Thanks for everything.

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