The Chakra LiveCD, our appendant tools and KDE packages are built by a small community of developers and packagers, each making their own special contribution. This site is a showcase for our collective work and is built to inform about and celebrate free software.

Of course these contributions are not everything that is done to keep the project alive and rocking. There are running costs like the rental of our main server and the traffic it generates, and of course the electricity bills of our packagers.

Beside some small advertisements at the top of this site, there is no compensation for the efforts put into this project. Also, none of us are paid for our work and all contributions are made on a voluntary basis. However, it already helps us a lot if you disable your ad-blocker for and allow the site to display these small ads.

If technical development, documentation, or support aren't your strong points, making a donation to this project is your opportunity to help us out a bit and enable us to care more about the stuff we like to do, instead of always having an eye on the running costs.

Many thanks in advance for each donation!

Donate via PayPal:

If you don't like PayPal or want to donate something else, like a box of tasty cornflakes or one of your hamsters, just write a mail to and we'll figure that out.

Usage of donations

Donations are mainly used to cover our running expenses, and to make sure that we can adapt our infrastructure to possible increases of users and visitors of our site.

Any possible overplusses will be used for stuff like travel costs for developer meetings and helping out our developers and packagers on special occasions, like replacing broken hardware for example. If we still have something left at the end of each year, we will donate it to the Arch Linux project, because it is the basis of our development efforts and the project absolutely deserves it.

Donation status

We try to be fully open about what we do with donations. Please check out the donation status page in our Wiki.

Donation conditions

Past donors who want to appear publicly

None so far

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