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Here you can download the latest ISO of Chakra. After the download has been finished, just burn the image to a standard CD-R or CD-RW and boot from it to play around with it and/or start the installation ...

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Hit the road (again)

Previous Releases:
Chakra-Alpha 5-v2
Chakra-Alpha 5

Release Information:

Chakra Panora (Alpha5-v4)

The Chakra Developement Team is proud to announce the availability of the Alpha5-v4 version, codename "Panora" of our live medias.
This is the third rebuild of Panora-Release to fix critical bugs we found in our initial release of Alpha5.

In this new release we fixed lots of bugs, added new features and focused our efforts on two aspects mainly:

- Tribe our installer, now includes an easy & advanced mode to partition the target, also the installation speed has been much approved and supports lower screen resolutions.

- The usability of the Chakra LiveCDs we added support for some important features:
  • print, and configure printers
  • complete management of optic drives, now you can extract sound from CD/DVD's and write medias with k3b and virtually mount iso images
  • drop-down konsole technology with Yakuake
  • management of dial-up modems and broadband USB 3g/HSDPA with knetworkmanager & modemmanager
  • a lot of new languages were added to the boot menu, to automatically configure your keyboard and locale settings in live mode
With love,
The Chakra Developers

Special thanks goes out to our bug-squad for helping us in this crazy adventure.

System Requirements:

  • a Intel Pentium II or higher processor for the i686 version, or
  • a 64Bit-capable processor for the x86_64 version
  • 384MiB of RAM for running the live system and 512MiB of RAM for the installation
  • around 3 Gib of available hard disk space (the more the better)
  • a screen capable of 800 x 600 or higher resolution
  • a reasonably fast internet connection, e.g. no modem (would be too slow)

Most noticeable changes & additions since Alpha4:


  • Kernel- with lzma support
  • aufs2-20091203-2chakra
  • KDEmod 4.4.2
  • Chakra tools updated (aqpm2, shaman2)
  • Xorg-Server
  • Catalyst support temp. dropped
  • NVidia-195 and NVidia legancy series are the only propertary drivers atm
  • added lots of new languages to bootmenu
  • using ARM state (2010.04.05)


  • chakra-tribe-20100405-1
  • libpartitionmanager updated (Smart Management added)
  • live-scripts2 updated
  • phonon updated
  • updated pkgs

Fixes since Alpha5:

  • strigi-search disabled in live-mode
  • license page fixed for higher resolutions
  • 90% Bug fixed
  • package dependency issues fixed
  • disabled the ability to go back after install stage
  • blkid-cmd simplified
  • typos in screenshots fixed

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Installer Updates

Even when we got alpha5 out we still want to fix bugs in our installer. Read the changelog to find out if a update of tribe is for you usefull. Use normal sudo pacman -Sy chakra-tribe chakra-tribe-debug to get the latest build. We almost develop tribe weekly, so we need some backtraces from you guys. Here is a little tutorial how to help us best:

First run a pacman -Q chakra-tribe chakra-libpartitionmanager to find out your running version.

If Tribe fails at any point it might be an error we don't know of. For bugtracking please start tribe from console with:

sudo tribe

Use our bugtracker for reporting bugs

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Forced vesa-mode

This relase has also forced vesa-mode. If you have a problem you can force our hardware-scripts to use vesa on bootup.
In our syslinux boot-menu you select first your language.
Press Enter-Button to switch to the next page. Choose the selection you want and press the TAB-Key.

You'll see a special line with something like this:

chakra.img quiet lang=de nonfree=no xdriver=no

Change xdriver to xdriver=vesa and hit Enter-Button. System will boot now with forced vesa driver.

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Download LiveCDs

LiveCD 32Bit i686 (~693MiB):


HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v4.iso

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LiveCD 64Bit x86-64 (~702):


HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-x86_64-panora-alpha5-v4.iso

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Download XDeltas

XDelta for Alpha5-v2 32Bit i686 (~14MiB):


HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3
HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3.readme

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XDelta for Alpha5-v2 64Bit x86-64 (~17MiB):


HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-x86_64-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3
HTTP Download (Sourceforge) - chakra-x86_64-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3.readme

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To apply the xdelta-patches to your previous downloaded Alpha5-v2 image do this:

xdelta3 -d -s chakra-[arch]-panora-alpha5-v2.iso chakra-[arch]-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3 chakra-[arch]-panora-alpha5-v4.iso

... where [arch] is i686 or x86_64.

Little tutorial

We assume your arch is i686. So the cmd you should use is:

xdelta3 -d -s chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v2.iso chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3 chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v4.iso

Also you can read this wiki-post about patching our ISO-Images.

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To install Chakra to your USB device patch our iso with isohybrid and copy it to your stick with:

sudo pacman -Sy syslinux
isohybrid chakra-[arch]-panora-alpha5-v4.iso
dd if=chakra-[arch]-panora-alpha5-v4.iso of=/dev/sd[x]

(where [arch] is i686 or x86_64 and [x] the device entry of your USB-stick)

Little tutorial

We assume your usb-stick is recognized as /dev/sdb. So the cmd you should use is:

dd if=chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v4.iso of=/dev/sdb

Also you can read this wiki-post about our ISO-Images.

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chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v4.iso: bf6fe526c7e01d2f48c085494efbff64
chakra-i686-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3: bc9014c09be863e8a8300e714f914604
chakra-x86_64-panora-alpha5-v4.iso: 3103246c09d556c1bbf91f8cd1f17c45
chakra-x86_64-panora-alpha5-v2-to-v4.xdelta3: 0490c215388c769b781d71ed277f8e7b

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