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To install our modular KDE packages (KDEmod) for Arch Linux in 6 easy steps, at first make sure that you are running the most recent version of Arch Linux (pacman -Syu). After doing that, just follow the installation instructions.


Before you start, please remember to read all of the messages appearing during the installation. They are fairly comprehensive and should solve most upcoming questions. If you cant scroll back to see all messages, just take a look into /var/log/pacman.log

Also, having an up-to-date Arch installation is vital for KDEmod to work properly. We usually dont build against Archs [testing] repository, but updated packages may appear in our testing repository. However, dont count on that. If you have the competence to run [testing], you should also be able to solve upcoming problems for yourself.

And at last: Do not install KDEmod in another way than described here or you will experience problems. No pacman -S kdemod-kdebase or such stuff, just follow our instructions, please :-)

Ok, i got it. Just tell me how to install it

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