Former Fellows:


Name: Phil Miller
Alias: amnon / Amnon82
Email: philm[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// amnon
Roles: Project Leader, Core/Testing/Playground & Extragear Packager (64bit), Live-Scripts-2 Hacking, ISO-Builder (32/64bit), Hardware Detection, Bugtracker & Forum Admin, IRC Helper, PKGBUILD Dude, Linux Junky.
YOB: 1982
Location: Munich, DE
Languages: German, English
Interests: Lots of dancing and coding in Linux ;)
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Paldo
Name: Dario Freddi
Alias: drf
Email: drf[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// drf__
Roles: Website Maintainer, Code Wizard, Installer Frontend & Backend, Shaman Developer, Arxin Developer, Qt Magician, ALPM Gladiator, Unstable Packaging, Forum Lurker, Bleeding Edge Tester
YOB: 1988
Location: Milano, IT
Languages: Italian, English
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux
Name: Lukas Appelhans
Alias: boom1992
Email: boom1992[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// boom1992
Roles: CEO, Installer Frontend & Backend, Shaman Developer, Arxin Developer, GUI & Usability Magician, Python Tamer, KOffice2 Package Maintainer
YOB: 1992
Location: Arnsberg, DE
Languages: German, English
Interests: Playing Bass, Hacking KDE, Drinking Beer *g*
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux
Name: Martin Sandsmark
Alias: sandsmark / PhinnFort
Email: sandsmark[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// sandsmark
Roles: PKGBUILD Maintainer, Core KDE4 Packager, Developer, Unix Masochist, Python Wrangler, Mirror Guru, Our Nice Guy (tm)
YOB: 1988
Location: Trondheim, NO
Languages: Norsk, English
Interests: Hacking, coding, cooking, insomnia.
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Debian.
Name: Manuel Tortosa
Alias: manutortosa
Email: manutortosa[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// manutortosa manutortosa[at]gmail[dot]com
Roles: Live-Scripts-2 Hacking, ISO-Builder (32/64bit), Bug Wrangler, Catalan Translator, Translation Manager for Chakra-Tools, Forum Supporter
YOB: 1976
Location: Reus, ES
Languages: Spanish, Catalan, French, English
Interests: Drinking Beer, KDE, House music
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Gentoo
Name: Roozbeh Shafiee
Alias: ROSHA / RoozbehOnline
Email: roozbeh[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// ROSHA/RoozbehOnline
Roles: KDEmod/Chakra Artwork Designer , Persian Web Site Maintainer
Website: (in English) / (in Persian)
YOB: 1987
Location: Esfahan , Iran
Languages: Persian , English
Interests: KDE , Graphic Designing , Playing Football , Reading Linux E-books , Watching Hollywood Movies , Watching Latest Political News
Favorite Distros: Chakra, Archlinux, Ubuntu


Name: Philip Stark
Alias: Heller_Barde
Email: heller_barde[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// heller_barde
Roles: Core KDE3 Packager, Evasive somewhat well informed Forum helper, Python Newbie, boom1992 about Shaman bugger
YOB: 1987
Location: Zurich, CH
Languages: German, English
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Gobo Linux, Debian
Name: Dennis Brendel
Alias: mistvieh
Email: mistvieh[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// mistvieh
Roles: KDE3 Addict
YOB: 1987
Location: Kaiserslautern, DE
Languages: German, English, some Spanish and Swedish
Interests: Heavy f***ing Metal!! Biking, Martial Arts
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Debian, Gentoo
Name: Dominik Pieper
Alias: Nachtwandler
Email: nachtwandler[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// nachtwandler
Roles: Extragear Packager, Playground Playboy, Amarok Packaging Task Force
YOB: 1988
Location: Dortmund, DE
Languages: German, English
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux
Name: Jozef Korencik
Alias: Jofko
Email: jofko[at]chakra-project[dot]org
Other Contact: irc:// jofko
Roles: Extragear & Playground Packager, PKGBUILD Monkey, Linux Monkey and anything else you can imagine...
YOB: 1983
Location: Prague, CZ
Languages: Slovak, English
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux


Name: Sascha Thier
Alias: surfed
Email: sascha[at]youhavechoice[dot]com
Other Contact:
Roles: Chakra TestSquad Member, Forum Junky
YOB: 1971
Location: BC, Canada
Languages: German, English, Spanish
Interests: Linux, Nature, Music, Gardening
Favorite Distros: Chakra, Archlinux
Name: Florent Nouvellon
Alias: florent
Email: florent[at]nouvellon[dot]net
Other Contact:
Roles: Chakra TestSquad Member
YOB: 1983
Location: Grenoble, France
Languages: French, English and a bit of Russian
Interests: Mountain sports, Free softwares
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux / Chakra


Name: Johannes Schriewer
Alias: dunkelstern
Other Contact:
Roles: Developer, Former KDE3 Core Packager, Eyecandy Magician, Initial Makepkg Modifications, Script Mangler
Location: Memmingen, DE
Languages: German, English
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux

Former Fellows

Name: Jan Mette
Alias: funkyou
Former Roles: Mr. Fix-It, Project-Leader, Core KDE4 Packager, Package Buildsystem, Live-Scripts-1 Hacking, former ISO-Builder (32bit), Installer Post-Installation & Config Backend, Hardware Detection, Installer Artwork, KDE3 Theme, Website Maintainer
YOB: 1978
YOD: 2010
Location: Bavaria, DE
Languages: German, English
Interests: Life
Favorite Distros: Arch Linux, Debian
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