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Shaman is a GUI for Arch Linux package handling. It is based on libalpm, so it doesn't call pacman directly, it handles it from the code itself. This has a lot of advantages, from integration to speed. Also, queries and searches are performed faster than pacman, and with an high level of customization.

Shaman can do everything a package manager usually does, including:

  • Installing/removing/upgrading packages
  • Searching/filtering packages
  • Package information, including installed files, dependencies, conflicts
  • process package queue from source (ABS integration)
  • Database maintenance tasks

Additionally it supports time based database updates, a RSS-feed reader for Arch Linux package news and editing the pacman configuration files.

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You can get the code for Shaman here

If you want to provide patches for Shaman or have anything you want to tell us, please use our Bugtracker.

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