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Tribe is our Qt4-based installer for the Chakra live CD. Here are some features:

  • Written from scratch for Arch Linux & KDE4
  • Integrated self-updating, the installer will update itself to the latest version when starting up
  • Rsync-based installation (image-based installation is planned)
  • A post-installation backend written in bash, providing everything to configure the target system
  • Integrated Arxin module, to configure the system after the installation (not finished yet)
  • Graphical partitioning with PartitionManager
  • Its fancy and provides a lot of eye candy! :)

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You can view the code repository for Tribe here

To get the current code, just run one of the following commands:

git clone git://
git clone

If you want to provide patches for Tribe or have anything you want to tell us, please use our Bugtracker.

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